Maurer to Malone: SCORE!

After hours and hours (and hours) of sewing I finally finished my latest custom order, packed it up, and shipped it off yesterday. Hal. Le. Lu. Jah. Did I mention it took hours? But despite the arduous task it was, I’m so pleased with the result and was even more thrilled with the reaction (smiles, hand-clapping, ooo’s and aah’s) to the piece.

Karl and Kaye Malone (yes, THAT Malone family) hired me to make a quilt for their oldest daughter who just graduated from high school using t-shirts from her sports teams and school events. Each member of the family also included a few of their own shirts so she’d have a piece of them while she’s away at college. (Talk about a “freak out moment” when I had to actually cut up Karl’s Jazz jersey and LA Tech college t’s! I think I measured and re-measured them 20 times before setting the rotary cutter to them.)

So. In case you were wondering, I’m pretty much a seamstress to the stars these days. :)

*Do you have a custom project you need sewn? I’d love to work with you. Be it a dress, quilt, pillows, slacks, or anything in between, please email me here and let’s get started!


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