Tutorial: Valentine’s Day Bunting

Good Morning! I’m back from my weekend in Arizona but I am seriously missin’ that squishy little niece of mine …

For any new readers, my family’s very first grandchild (i.e. my first niece) was born two weeks ago and oh, gracious. She is delectable. Her name is Laela Carolina (isn’t that the cutest?!) and We. Love. Her. A. Lot. You can see pictures of her here. Do it. Follow the link. Seriously. You know you want to. (I never thought I’d be “that” kind of an auntie … but I am. Unabashedly. I am.)

But OK, enough about Little Laela Lou (maybe). You’re here for the tutorials right? Some say garlands have been way over-done. And it’s true. They have. But I still love them. They’re such a fun, bold, whimsical way to decorate for any holiday, party, dinner, or special event. They take your decorations to a whole new level, lifting the eye and completing a look. (And they’re usually so easy!)

So. For instructions on the felt polka-dot/heart garland, click here. Oh! And before I forget, I mentioned on air today that on Feb.1 (one week from today) I’ll be emailing a free e-book to my mailing list subscribers, chock-full of Valentine’s Day crafts and ideas. So if you want to get that free e-book, fill out the form below.

Now. Onto the Valentine’s Day Flag Bunting … Supplies: fabric (mix it up–go with a modge podge of designs and colors!) . scissors . double fold bias tape . sewing machine & thread Steps:

  1. Cut fabric. For the bunting pictured, I cut mine into 5″ x 7″ rectangles, but you could easily make yours bigger or smaller. Just make sure you have enough to fill your bias tape.
  2. Take one rectangle and fold/iron the 3 edges that will be exposed 1/4″. Sew in place close to edge. Repeat with remaining rectangles. *Note: If you don’t want to finish your edges, you could also cut the fabric with pinking shears to keep them from fraying, or if you don’t mind the slight fraying, leave them raw.
  3. Insert the raw edge of the rectangles into the bias tape opening and pin in place. Make sure the rectangles are centered along the bias tape and that you have enough tape on each end to use when hanging the bunting. Laying your rectangles out on the floor first helps. *Note: I left about 1″ space between each of my rectangles, but if I made one of these again, I would only leave about 1/4″ space.
  4. Once pinned, begin at one end of the bias tape and sew a straight line to the other end, being sure to catch your rectangles inside the seam.
  5. Trim loose threads and hang!


  • Applique hearts or X’s and O’s on each “flag.” Or maybe even the word “LOVE.”
  • OR … Paint a message/saying on them rather than applique.
  • Instead of rectangles do triangles or squares.

So there you have it. Two really simple, totally cute Valentine’s Day garlands. And don’t forget … for more crafts and ideas, sign up for the free e-book. xo!

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If I Had a Love [Part 1]: A Collection of Valentine’s Day Ideas

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[Part 4]: Music

If I had a love, I would make garlands by the mile and string them from every corner of my ceiling.

(inspired by)

*To make the heart garland, just follow the tutorial I posted for the felt garlands last month. But use paper instead of felt. Go here for a tutorial on the pom-pom garland, and here for the lollie garland. Have fun!

Up next: The Table Centerpiece

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Craft Tutorial: Valentine Garlands

I used to not like Valentine’s Day. But I think I didn’t like it because I thought I wasn’t supposed to since I’ve always been single on Valentine’s Day. But that’s just ridiculous. Who doesn’t love love? Even if you are single. So now I wholly embrace the day, the decorations, and the candy. Oh my gosh I love Valentine’s candy. It’s seriously the best holiday candy ever with all the cherry sours, cinnamon lips, chewy cherry hearts, strawberry jelly-beans & candy corns. Oh mercy. Have I told you that I’m off sugar as of two weeks ago? Yeah. Note to self: don’t go off sugar right before Valentine’s Day.

So anyhow, to kick off the countdown to the day of LOVE, I thought I’d share a simple craft tutorial for a couple of Valentine Garlands.

They’re sweet and simple to make and are a LOVEly addition to your decorations. All you need is an assortment of felt in your desired colors, scissors, and a sewing machine.


1. Cut out circles of all sizes from your felt. I chose a light pink, hot pink, and white, and I cut my circles anywhere from a 1/2 inch to 2 inches. If you were going to make this “jumbo” size, I’d cut your circles anywhere from 3 to 5 inches.

2. Lay out your circles in a line, alternating colors to create a pattern. Mix up your sizes to create more visual interest.

3. Sew them together. Like ducks in a row, one right after the other.

4. Keep sewing until you’ve reached your desired length. And then you’re done! Easy peasy right?! Now decorate! These look darling strung from just about anything. Lampshades, mirrors, across the piano, curtain rods, banisters …

You can also change it up and instead of circles, do hearts. For this garland, I used cranberry and cream felts.

Or you could do jumbo-sized hearts…

It’s really up to you. Happy sewing!

Oh, and come back at 1:00 p.m. MST today when I’ll have news on this month’s give-away.


If you love these garlands, but don’t want to make your own, I have a few up for sale in the shop.

Pink polka-dot garland here (This one would also look cute in a little girls room all year round.)

Small red heart garland here

Large red heart garland here

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