What Happened When I Quit the Like Button

About a month and a half ago, a friend of mine posted an article on Facebook written by a woman who stopped using the “Like” button on social media. I found it to be an interesting idea, especially since I was growing weary of Facebook.

I’d contemplated deleting my account, but just couldn’t bring myself to do it–what about all my connections! I didn’t want to lose touch with people. And yet–I was hardly connecting. And that was what I’d grown weary of.

I’m also a marketer by trade–a professional communicator, if you will–and you can’t just up and walk away from Facebook when you’re in the business of marketing.

Still, my feed was full of pointless videos and quizzes (oh, the quizzes!) and advertisements. I felt like I had to scroll through miles of sludge to find the stuff that actually mattered to me. But after reading the article, I wondered … what if I took back the reigns of my feed? How would it change my experience? Continue reading →

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Do Mormons Observe Lent?

This morning on my Facebook page, in honor of the fact that today is Ash Wednesday, the first day of Lent, I posted the following status update:

“Mormons don’t participate in Lent because being Mormon is like Lent 24/7. The only thing left to give up is dessert. & NO ONE’S TAKING THAT FROM ME!” –Jenna Jones, comedian/Script P.A. at The Daily Show

As a Mormon, the quote made me laugh pretty hard, because, good grief, it sure feels true! I don’t drink (alcohol, coffee, or tea), don’t smoke, don’t have sex (cuz I’m not married), no porn, no rated R movies or other morally questionable media … so really. What’s left?! My fellow Mormon friends got a good laugh out of it too and a few shared it on their walls. But in the comments that followed the update, one friend (who is not a Mormon) asked, “So, Mormons really don’t participate in Lent? Or was she just saying that?”

I didn’t realize that friends of other faiths might not know we don’t particpate in Lent, so I tried to explain to my best ability. My response was this:

No, we really don’t. At least not a “sponsored by the Church” observance of Lent. A Mormon could certainly observe Lent if he/she wanted to. There’s no rule stating we can’t. But it’s not a practice of the general Church population.

As for a reason why … the quote above, though said in jest, is actually kind of true. We essentially practice Lent all year long. We fast once a month, partake of the sacrament (i.e. communion) weekly, seek to live by a strict health code, live the law of chastity, evaluate (continually) one’s life/habits in comparison to the commandments and example of Christ, and focus on spiritual sanctification through daily prayer, daily study, and daily repentance.

By no means are we perfect at doing all of that every day of every year, but that’s what we’re striving for every day of every year.

This is not to say that Easter isn’t an incredibly important holiday to us. Because it is. And we each look forward to, and prepare for it in different worshipful ways as individuals, families, and congregations. For example, I’m reading the four gospels (Matthew, Mark, Luke, & John) with particular focus on the final week of Christ’s life as the weeks lead up to Easter.

Also, as a Church, we are very focused on the events that occurred in the Garden of Gethsemane and the resurrection from the tomb. We are certain of the fact that Christ suffered for us in the Garden and in the reality that he rose from the dead. We believe in a Living Christ (as in, He’s alive right now) who is intimately involved in our salvation and exaltation and works daily with our Heavenly Father in our behalf.

I have reposted this exchange at the request of my friend and hope my response helps shed some light on one aspect of my Mormon faith. I welcome any further questions regarding this, or any other, subject. I would also like to say that I deeply respect all faiths, Christian and otherwise. I find that my own faith and my dedication to it is only enhanced when I learn about other belief systems and I would hope that any comments or questions posed here reflect a similar spirit of respect and generosity.

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Toss Your Hat in the Ring!

Hi friends. Remember when I launched this new blog a few weeks ago, announced a drawing to celebrate, and then promptly forgot about said drawing.

You do?

Hm. Me too.

SO sorry!

So here’s what we’re going to do about it … I’m extending the drawing through the weekend. I’ll announce the winner on Monday, Feb. 1. To enter, leave a comment below … just tell me the best thing about your 2010 so far. And you can also receive additional entries for:

1. Joining the mailing list (over there on the right)

2. Becoming a fan on Facebook

3. Post the contest on your Facebook page

4. Following the Twitter

5. Tweeting this contest (include @kristaqm in your tweet)

6. “Heart” Island Belle Boutique on Etsy

7. Let your own blog readers know about this drawing.

(Don’t forget to tell me about all the extra “actions” you took for additional entries in the comments below.)

Here are the 3 gifts I’ll be giving away.

a) Brown and turquoise paisley print handbag. Fully lined with magnetic snap closure. Uh … so cute!

b) Pink poppy headband. Thin wire band = comfortable fit. Sweet, romantic accessory. Just in time for Valentine’s Day.

c) “Be Still & Know” – a fine art print. 5 x 7 matted photograph. A soft reminder and beautiful piece of art. You can see a closer view of the photograph here.

So there you have it. Thanks again friends, for all your support and encouragement through all this. I really can’t explain how scary this whole transition has been. Some of you stuck with me. Some didn’t (sad). I still have a ways to go but I know I’m on the path to where I’m supposed to get to next. So let me know you’re out there and let me give you presents for being so great. :) A win-win I’d say.


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