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2015 // one x one

I love new days. I love new weeks. And I love new years. I love fresh starts.

I also love setting goals. I’ve learned through the years, however, that setting too many goals is my downfall. I’m a lofty changer of self. Because of this, I also find myself failing miserably about a month or so in. So last year, I changed my tactics and set a handful of small but significant goals and I did them one and a time. This made all the difference. And this year I plan to do the same.

I also wanted to share my goal chart with you, should you find it helpful. It’s divided into four quarters (corporate girl, here) so you can set four goals this year. Try to focus on small changes or habits that will make you happy. Then do that ONE THING, ONCE a day.

Here are a few ideas to get you started: 1) Eat a vegetable at every meal. 2) Drink one glass of water for every can of soda you consume during the day. 3) Read to your children for 15 minutes every day. 4) Say a prayer once a day. 5) Meditate for 5 minutes each day. 6) Spend 15 minutes in the sunshine/fresh air every day. 7) Text someone everyday to tell them that you love them and why. 8) Read 3 verses of scripture before bed. 9) Save $2 in a jar every day. 10) Make out with your spouse for 10 minutes every day. 11) Floss your teeth. 12) Set a bedtime and follow it every night. 13) Put your phone away at 7:00 p.m each night and don’t touch it again until morning. 14) Choose to make a phone call instead of sending a text once a day. 15) Read a chapter a day from a book just for pleasure. 16) Take a walk.

Good luck! Click here to download the chart.

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Just to Recap: 2008…Really Was Great

As you may or may not recall, #9 on my list of December To Dos was:
Write, print, and send my Christmas letter before I go home.Well that obviously didn’t happen. And so I figured I’d mail a “New Year’s Letter” the first week of January. And well that didn’t happen either.
And so, it is today! that you find yourself reading on my blog
Krista’s Martin Luther King Junior Day
Update of the Previous Year

(you lucky rascal!).

2008 was quite the year. Here are just a few highlights:

January 08

I set a goal. A really special and important goal. A goal that changed the way I viewed most everything last year. And because of what that goal did for my life in 2008, I set the very same goal in January 2009. I can’t wait to see where it takes me. (more on this goal in December).

February 08

I ate waaaay too much Valentine’s Day candy.

March 08

I turned 29 and to celebrate, Frit and I took a vacation to San Francisco! We did all the typical tourist activities, but the absolute BEST was renting bikes and riding from the wharf, around the bay, and over the Golden Gate Bridge. It was one of the most exhilarating things I’ve ever done in my life.

April 08

I took another trip … this time to Florida to visit my grandparents. While there, I sat for a few hours with each one and audio recorded their personal histories. Wow! If you’ve never done this, you must. I learned so much about them, and me, and why I’m me, and where I come from. Oftentimes I got more info than I bargained for!, but the recordings and stories I gathered are the truest of treasures.

April also brought my sister Karly’s graduation from BYU. The whole fam damnily came to UT for it…

(I love how my dad’s bustin’ a gut, my mom looks like a Stepford, and I have my eyes closed.)

…and soon thereafter Karly Barly jetted off to Texas to teach Spanish to a bunch of hooligans. She’s an amazing teacher and I’m so proud of her.
(as a side note, she got engaged last night to a gem of a man. Welcome to the family JJ!)

May 08

Most of May was spent clearing the garden beds for the multitude of flowers and veggies we planted. I am now addicted to all things gardening as I can honestly say there is nothing more rewarding than watching the things you plant, grow.

June 08

eh, nothing great happened in June.

June 08

I started this blog and by so doing, began to re-capture so much of who I am. I “lost” Krista for a couple years but I found her again (hooray!). Words flow through my bones and to begin writing again was food for my soul.

I also ate a TON of fresh-from-the-garden cucumber and tomato sandwiches for breakfast, lunch, dinner.

August 08

LOVED watching the Olympics. I’m a sucker for stuff like that … i.e. people setting monstrous goals and achieving them. I cheered, I screamed, I cried, and I also learned that sometimes I’m not as smart as I think I am.

Aaaand I continued to eat an uber-abundance of those make-my-toes-curl-they’re-so-delicious cucumber and tomato sandwiches.

September 08

uhhhhh …..

November 08

I volunteered to produce a benefit concert in Mesa, AZ to help raise money for the Nielson family. Stephanie (the wife) and Christian (the husband) were in a horrible plane crash and spent much of the latter half of ’08 in comas recovering from terrible burns. Their 4 young children were scooped up by Stephanie’s sister and the entire story left me thinking of little else until the opportunity to help with the concert presented itself. We’re doing another concert on Feb. 2 in Provo, UT.

November 08

Five words, New Kids on the Block … Saturday, November 15 at The E Center, Salt Lake City. Hello?! Might just have been THE HIGHLIGHT OF THE YEAR!

The Forgotten Carols tour also began in November. This was my 3rd year producing the tour and the 1st year I didn’t want to kill myself when it was over. We started Nov. 19 in Seattle and wound our way down through Idaho, Utah, Nevada, and Arizona with 25 shows in 11 cities, the last being in Phoenix on Dec. 23. Whew!

I was also asked to be the advisor for the 14/15-year-old young women class at Church. And I LOVE this assignment! The girls in my class are amazing and I get to teach every week! Yahoo!

December 08

Between baking cookies, cutting down our tree, and enjoying the 1300 twinkle lights that covered every needle of said tree, December was heaven.

As the tour ended, I flew to Hilton Head for Christmas. It was a WONDERFUL (and much needed) break from the snow and a joy to be with my family. I spent a delicious afternoon with my dad on the boat, hung out with my sisters, ate crab-cakes and hush-puppies at Hudsons (my fave), and spent WAY too much time wasting time on the computer.

(Kar, Kayc, and I at Hudson’s)

More importantly though, as I quietly rang in the New Year back in UT from the comfort of my couch, and thought about the goal I’d set in January (read about the goal here), I found peace in knowing I had accomplished it, and joy in the knowledge I gained from doing so.

I hope your 2008 was full of the same joy that comes from such knowledge and that your 2009 has begun with blessings immeasurable. Thanks for letting me share my life with you. It’s good to be “back.” And feel free to stop by this little blog anytime (and often!) to read all the escapades of this southern, island girl trying to make sense of life in the desert she now calls home.

Oh yeah, and Happy Martin Luther King Junior Day!


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Dawn …

1. the first appearance of daylight in the morning.
2. to begin to grow light.
3. a beginning or rise of something; advent.
4. to become light.
5. to begin or develop.
6. to begin to be perceived.
it’s a new dawn
it’s a new day

it’s a new life

for me

and I’m feelin’ good.
Yes, a New Year brought changes. And I’m feelin’ good.


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A Delicious New Year

I’m working on another post about home, but in the meantime (while you wait) … let me show you what we ate on New Year’s Eve, whilst sitting on the couch in our jamms watching Kung Fu Panda:

Homemade Pizza with wheat crust and mushrooms, chicken, tomatoes and basil on top

Grapes (cuz we’re healthy), Sparkling Pomegranate Juice,
and lime tortilla chips with salsa and cheeese …

Lots o cake (cuz we’re healthy)! Homemade, from scratch, double layer fudgey cake with white chocolate oozy, goozy filling and inches of frosting. And yes, those are chocolate stars on top, poured and cut by yours truly. You’re jealous aren’t you? (You should be.)
All featured beautifully on the brand new cake pedestal Frit got me for Christmas.
Oh, how I love to bake from scratch. I really, really love it.
And I really, really love the way that cake looks on that cake pedestal.
And I really, really love a New Year (especially one that begins with cake).
Happy New Year! I hope yours is as delicious as mine!


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