LDS Primary Temple Dedication Countdown

So I was called as the Primary President on my second week in Florida! Oh, have I mentioned that I moved to Florida? Yes. I did–six months ago, this weekend.

(For non-Mormon-lingo speakers: The “Primary” is the children’s organization at our church. All children ages 18 months to twelve years old attend Primary during the second and third hours of our Sunday church meetings. As the President, it is my job to help strengthen the faith of the families in our congregation as well as oversee the children’s Sunday gospel instruction. My ward, i.e. congregation, has about 50 children in Primary.)

So yeah. Primary President. On my second week here. :) I. LOVE. IT.

Recently, the building of the Fort Lauderdale Temple was completed. As the Primary President, I’ve been trying to think of a way to help the children get excited about the dedication. To have one of our temples so close (only 2 hours!) is such a blessing and I wanted to help them see the importance of this holy building as well as assist their families in commemorating this special, sacred occasion in their own homes.

Here’s what I created:

In this print-at-home activity packet is a template for a countdown chain. Each link has one simple activity children or families can do that day to keep their mind on the temple. The countdown begins Monday, April 7 with a Family Home Evening (FHE) lesson. Three additional FHE lessons are outlined in the packet for each additional Monday leading up to the dedication on May 4. If you’d like to print the packet, click here.

*POST EDIT: I’ve received a few requests for other temples that are to be dedicated this year (2016). Simply use the link above to download the complete packet and then select which cover you need from the options below. If you have another city you need a packet for, feel free to leave a comment on this post (with your email so I can respond).

P.S. If you’re wondering about Mormon temples, here is a 3-minute video about why they’re so important to us.

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  1. You’re incredible! Talk about magnifying a calling! What a beautiful gift you are giving these sweet children & their families at such a wonderful, historic time! As always, thanks for your inspiration!

  2. I also am in the presidency of the primary. Our temple in Ogden Utah has been being remodeled for what seems like a really really long time. It should be rededicated in late September and I would love to find something exciting to help them anxious about the new opening. When my daughter was around 10 years old they constructed the Bountiful Temple. We lived in Centerville at the time and the leaders were wonderful to get the children involved. Jessica is 30 now with 3 small children of her own, but she can show you each bush and tree she helped plant. It really made that temple “Her” temple and she married there. I would love to see my grandchildren have that same feeling for the Ogden temple. It makes the time you spend there invaluable later in their life.

  3. What a beautiful temple packet! I live in Ogden and our Primary Presidency is working to create something similar for our Primary for the dates leading up to the dedication of our temple in September. Thank you for the great idea!

  4. Thanks so much for the idea. Payson, Utah’s temple will be dedicated soon and I’m going to modify your ideas for our kids. Thank you again for sharing!!

  5. You are amazing! I love this! What a great way to engage children in the excitement of preparing for the temple. Thank you for putting this together! We are preparing for the Indianapolis Temple dedication and I’m wondering if you would possibly share your template to be modified for this temple? If not we can create our own based off of your beautiful ideas. At any rate, thank you for making and sharing this amazing document!

  6. This is amazing! You really out a lot of time and effort into this, and I’m sure the families love if! Do you, by chance, have a version that can be edited for the temple opening up in Indianapolis? I would love to hand these out to the primary families.

  7. My heart is so full of gratitude for you and your talents and especially the way you have shared them with so many people you don’t even know!!! Thank you for this amazing temple packet. My family lives in Indiana and I have been trying to find ways to help my children understand the magnitude of the Indianaplois temple dedication. This packet is perfect!!! I absolutely cannot wait to get started.

  8. I love your temple countdown idea!! We are so excited as the Cedar City UT temple just got started! I would love your help in doing a packet for our temple. I am in Stake Relief Society, and this would be a fun activity for moms and grandmas to put together.
    Thanks for doing great things!

  9. ok, so i’ll bother you some more! (:i guess i’ll go with the new sony, after all, i’m a small (and weak) person, and i have small hands so i guess a smaller and lighter camera at the end of the day will suit me better. your reviews were incredibly helpful in many ways, i’m sure i’ll come back here. thanks!

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  11. This is great! I’d love to do this with our primary. Could you make one for the Meridian, Idaho Temple. It’s suppose to be dedicated late summer/early fall of 2017. Thank you for sharing!

  12. i can see ebanks sopping up the minutes at SF kobe usually has to play, because we had no adequate backup SF. 10? 12 minutes. I can envision caracter playing a little bit less, sopping up minutes here and there for pau and bynum, or subbing in early due to foul trouble.These guys are not d-league material. That’s almost insulting.

  13. We have been asked by our stake to prepare the primary children and their family’s for the Idaho Falls Temple dedication on Sunday, June 4th, 2017

    We would love to have permission to use this for our ward!
    Thanks for sharing your time, energy and talents to bless so many lives!!!

  14. Hi! I don’t know if you’re still taking requests, but I’d love to be able to download a copy of this cute countdown for the Cedar City Temple! Thanks in advance! :)

  15. This is AMAZING! If you are still updating this for temple dedications, I’d love to get one for the Jordan River Temple re-dedication on May 20, 2018. If you don’t have the time to update, may I have permission to modify your packet?
    Thank you for doing this, it is a really neat idea!

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