34 Hopes

I’ve been 34 now for a week and a day. And I really love it. 34 suits me.

My birthday was perfect. And I’m beginning to wonder if I shouldn’t celebrate New Year’s on my birthday. It feels … fresher. I woke last Monday morning feeling so full of life, so happy to be alive, so ready to be 34. I felt more hopeful this year than I have in many a birthday. And I made a list–a list of 34 hopes for this coming year. It’s going to be a good one. I feel it.

  1. Make peace with my body. That is–to love it as it is and for what it can do, to carefully and kindly coax it to where it needs to be, and to shape it into something that more closely matches who I really am.
  2. Find him. Or rather–be found.
  3. Launch Be.
  4. Yoga more.
  5. Meditate more.
  6. Eliminate the remaining meat in my diet/Enjoy more whole foods.
  7. Keep a journal.
  8. Spend lots of time with my family members, especially my niece and my nephew-on-the-way.
  9. Visit the temple more.
  10. Cut back on media.
  11. Pay off remaining debt.
  12. Follow a routine sleeping schedule.
  13. Reconnect with a old friends.
  14. See something breathtaking that I’ve never seen.
  15. Go somewhere I’ve never been.
  16. Plant more.
  17. Become a better photographer.
  18. Write more letters.
  19. Sew quilts–lots of them.
  20. Learn a new creative skill.
  21. Read more books.
  22. Do something that scares me.
  23. Take more opportunities to serve.
  24. Feel peace, purpose, and happiness.
  25. Find my style.
  26. Laugh. A lot.
  27. Quit sugar.
  28. Travel.
  29. Explore and experience Utah.
  30. Get a new car.
  31. Run a mile @ 5 mph.
  32. Paint my nails regularly.
  33. Write my life (to this point) story.
  34. Become more me.


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  1. Have I told you lately that I think you are wonderful? I just read all of your lists and I love love love them all. And I’m glad that I got one of your Christmas cards. By far one of my very favs. No lie. Hope you have a wonderful year. xxoo

  2. Haha….i love that you put “paint your nails regularly.” I ALWAYS think that, but never do it but I LOVE my nails painted all nice and fresh!

  3. What a great list. I am going to copy several of these and make my own list. All because I was inspired by YOUR list :)

  4. Hi Krista

    I’ve never done anything like this before. I.e. I don’t really use social network sites or read/write blogs etc or send messages/comments to people I don’t know…

    I just googled the name Krista because I was missing my twin Krista…and was humoured by your reflections, which i’m sure so many women can identify with.

    I wondered if I would find comfort in seeing what other Kristas were doing…my Krista unfortunately passed away when we were 17… I’m 34 now.

    Anyway…wishing you a very blessed 2013.


  5. excelente pr!!mara!go! lo disfruto mucho los domingos regresando del club, deberias tener una FM completa con la excelente seleccion de temas. Buen año y que sigan los exitos!!

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