Song for Saturday [Mindy Gledhill, Winter Moon] + HOUSE CONCERT!!!

We might have gone overboard on the pies. We might’ve.

There was my pecan and sugar cream. Plus two pumpkins. Plus a lemon sour cream. And a chocolate cream.

Quite honestly, there was more pie per capita than Thanksgiving turkey. But by golly, come Friday morning, I was sure glad to be greeted by a gratuitous slice of leftover pecan for breakfast. Fav.o.rite.

After morning pie (akin to morning to prayer), we traipsed up the mountainside, like we do every year, looking for the perfect tree. Oddly (gratefully) it wasn’t very cold with only a light, snowy mist in the air.

We weaved in and out of the firs and evergreens, up this way and then back that way, when quite fortuitously, and rather quickly (compared to years past), we found her. The perfect mix of whimsy, fullness, and Charlie Brown.

And just like that, Christmas had begun. Hip! Hip!

In honor of the newly opened yuletide season, I wanted to share the music video debut of “Winter Moon” by my friend, indie-singer/songwriter Mindy Gledhill. She just released a Christmas album, of the same title, and I’m in love love love with the whole darn thing. The collection, to me, is reminiscent of simple Christmases, dreamy and playful, with hints of delightful quirkiness. Her rendition of “Christmas Waltz” (Track 2) is hands down, my new favorite Christmas song. I had it on repeat for, oh, 2 hours or so last night. So I am quite confident when I say that I think this should be your 2011 Christmas CD purchase.

Find the album here (hard copy, on sale for $11.24 today) and here (iTunes, $9.99).

And if getting to share the music video wasn’t exciting enough! I have a copy of Winter Moon to giveaway to one of my readers! Just leave a comment below telling me your Christmas wish and I’ll randomly draw the winner next Friday night. ***This GIVEAWAY has ended: The winner is Brenda Taylor! Congrats Brenda!

Oh, but there’s more! I’m hosting a private house concert featuring Mindy and her stellar band (who are flying in all the way from LA for the show!) on Monday, December 12 at 8:00 p.m. You’re coming right?! The artist donation fee is $10 until December 12, or $15 at the door.

I’m over-the-Winter-Moon excited about this concert and am already scheming-dreaming the decorations and refreshments! Oh, how I hope you can come. If you have any questions, send me an email.

Now without further adieu, may I present Mindy Gledhill (+ a few surprise guests) singing the title track of her new album “Winter Moon” …

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  1. My Christmas wish is for lots of laughter – can’t ever get enough, and that’s really all I need (but a Mindy Gledhill CD would make it oh-so-much better!) xo jen ;)

  2. My Christmas wish is that my nephew makes his entrance into this world easily and when he is supposed to! Not to soon…his cousin did that for us last year! We love Mindy Gledhill and have put several of her songs on our blog for Music Monday! Thank you for the chance to win!

  3. My Christmas Wish is to WIN Mindy Gledhill’s CD, Winter Moon so I
    can play it for my Li’l Daffodils. And, for everyone to have a
    special LOVE in their lives! Share your gift of love with others!
    Best Wishes

  4. My Christmas wish is that as adults we might be able to reflect and grab hold of a little bit of that innocence and anxious expectation for Christmas that we had as children.

  5. I’m wishing for a happy memorable Christmas season without a stressed out mommy :)

    I wish I could have been there to help eat all those delicious pies! Yum!

  6. My Christmas wish… That I can help my kids truly understand why we celebrate the season.

    P.S. – totally jealous. Wish I could be there for the concert. Love her music.

  7. My wish is that I can come to the concert!! I love Mindy; I found her when I was on my mission, and am so happy about the joyful music she’s continued to make.

  8. wow! Not that’s someone ready willing and able! I think me (being a lesser person) might have given up at any number of points along the way, but you didn’t! I’m going to have to flag this post for myself – considering I nearly gave up on my workout last night and went home simply because they had closed the track for a soccer game!

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