Now Seeking: Full-time Personal Hype Girl

Frit and I have watched these videos a couple times now during the last week.

And besides the fact that I’m particularly determined to birth a house full of girls just. like. this. I have also decided that I would like a personal hype-girl. Like, a full-time personal hype-girl. Wouldn’t that be totally awesome? Someone to just follow you around, giving you the confidence you need to be you and do those things that you really want to do?

The thing is … I realized this week that I have hype-peeps all around me. Ever since I announced my magazine launch I’ve begun receiving emails and comments and phone calls and text messages at exactly the right moment to keep me going. I’ve heard from people I haven’t heard from in years!-offering ideas and help or just simple support and encouragement.

And I can see that these things, these miraculous moments of “hype,” are full of providence and grace.

But this idea of “hype” is something I’ve actually been thinking about for a while. Although maybe not in that exact term.

Earlier this year I was talking with a friend about being a “champion” for the people around us.

champion noun \ˈcham-pē-ən\ 1: warrior, fighter 2: a militant advocate or defender 3: one that does battle for another’s rights or honor

And I think that in my obituary someday, I would like it to mention (among the other good deeds and charming particularities I was known for, of course) that I was just that–a champion for those around me.

That I cheered people on. That I encouraged. That I reinforced. That I complimented. That I was, in essence, a hype-girl to every person I met.

I think sometimes we’re so quick to come up with reasons why people shouldn’t do things, or why such-and-such won’t work, or why so-and-so would never be able to do whatever it is he/she has conjured up. But how different the world might be if we simply beamed with belief that they can, and should, do what it is they want to do, no matter how seemingly impossible. How many  more goals might be accomplished, businesses started, inventions invented, oceans crossed, and dreams realized, if we said, “That is awesome! How can I help you?!” instead of “Are you sure?”

So. I guess what I’m saying is that I’d like to offer my services. As your personal hype-girl. I believe in you (wherever you are). I really do. And I know you can.

Whatever it is. I know you can.

And … you know … If anyone is interested in becoming my full-time hype-girl, I’ll be accepting applications via email.

2 thoughts on “Now Seeking: Full-time Personal Hype Girl

  1. Hey Krista! Just found your blog (via Twitter) and this post really *spoke* to me! I love the idea of being a champion for others, I try to do this anyway, but love thinking about it as a daily goal! I hope you found your hype-girl – and if you find another, please send them my way!!! xo jen :)

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