I’m Coming

It took weeks to finally decide. And countless drafts of a never-ending pros and cons list. But add a little prayer and a half-baked fast and you’ll find you have a decision made.

And right is the decision I’ve made.

In one week, I’ll be leaving Utah. I have decided to move back to South Carolina.

For the summer.

My dad offered me a job and I accepted. It’s the job I did in high school and I wouldn’t be honest if I didn’t say that, at first, I felt like a complete loser. What do I do, you ask? Oh, I’m 32, single, “jobless,” and moving home. (ohmygosh I hate typing all that.) I also wouldn’t be honest if I didn’t say that the thought of moving back into my parents house may have freaked me out just a little. I mean, I left for college 14 years ago and haven’t lived there for any longer than a week (at the most) of vacation since 2000. i.e. The entirety of my adult life has been somewhat defined by a skyhigh level independence and a large degree of solitude. i.e. How does one “go home” (for an extended period of time) but not move backwards in one’s life?


On the other hand.

It feels right to go. And so I go.

How grateful I am for parents who (despite dad’s best Bill Cosby threats that once we left we were never coming back) would allow me to come home (he’s such a softie). And how grateful I am that there’s a home to go home to.

And really–when else in my life could I just up and take three months to go live at the beach doing a job a 16-year-old could do? I’ve wished since college that I could shirk some of the responsibility of grown-up life and just be free. Now’s my chance. I’ve also always regretted not taking more advantage of the beautiful place I grew up in when I was in it. Now I can.

And ultimately, I can’t deny the healing balm the ocean is to me. My soul is not unlike the dry, cracked desert I live in right now. It needs water. Lots and lots of water.

One summer on an island it is then.

And so.

I plan to …

Not plan.

Work on the docks all day, everyday.

Ride my bike everywhere.

Eat plates and plates of seafood.

Take in as many sunrises and sunsets as possible.

Learn to run.




Oh hello summer. I’m coming.

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  1. I’m excited for you. And if you ever need to come to Columbia for any reason at all, call me and you can crash at my house. Or just come over for dinner or fresh squeezed lemonade (it’s my obsession right now.) or just to say hi. As long as you don’t mind 3 crazy kids running around. :)

  2. Krista, having started “over” after investing almost 10 years into a career that wasn’t meant to be, I know what this feels like. Embrace the beginning. Have fun this summer. I’m excited for you!

  3. Wow. I for one, am sad that you are leaving gorgeous Utah but completely understand that South Carolina is calling you back. I grew up in Charleston and dream of returning just to show my honey where I grew up. And just so you know, I am entirely jealous that you will get plate fulls of FRESH seafood. YUM!!

  4. And!! Can you take LOTS of pictures? Please? I love Utah but I get ‘homesick’ on ocassion. ;-)

  5. Teri: Have no fear…I’ll be back to UT :) It’s not time to leave for good. AND you better believe I’ll be taking pictures. My poor little camera won’t know what hit it!

  6. I love your post. I’m from the “other” coast and nothing soothes and heals like the sound and peace of the ocean. And when you’re looking forward to going home, its never moving backward. It’s coming full circle. xo

  7. I’m jealous :) sounds like a picture perfect summer to me! Some of my best summer memories were from the summer we lived with my parents before lily was born. enjoy!

  8. Rebecca: I hadn’t thought about it being “full circle.” p.s. I’ve been thinking about going back to the Y to get a masters in Mass Comm. Is your husband still teaching?

  9. Yeah for the Carolinas!! We are moving from Chapel Hill to Winston-Salem in a couple of weeks and just may have to come visit you in HH this summer! I’m excited for your summer! live it up!

  10. I will miss you. Let me know when you are back. If I make it out that way soon I will give you a call. Love you Krista and enjoy the waves.

  11. Awesome! I think it sounds absolutely fantastic. It relaxes me just thinking about it. Good to catch up after 4 months of no computer, and I guess we’ll have to catch up in real life in the fall . . .

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