Spring Cleaning, Still…

On Sunday, Frit came home with the best-story-ever from Primary (children’s class at Church)  …

So each month a new theme, based on a scripture, is introduced to the class. They usually have one of the children come up to read the scripture to the whole group cadence style, i.e. the child reads one line, the group repeats. Well, if the child can’t read, then one of the teachers whispers a line in the child’s ear, the child repeats, and then the group repeats until the whole scripture is read.

This month’s scripture reads, “What I the Lord have spoken, I have spoken, and I excuse not myself. And though the heavens and the earth pass away, my word shall not pass away, but shall all be fulfilled. whether by mine own voice, or the voice of my servants, it is the same.” And it was one of the 3-year-olds’ turn to read. So the teacher whispered in his ear: What I the Lord have spoken. He repeats: What I the Lord have smokin’! The children repeat: What I the Lord have smokin’! The teacher goes on: I have spoken. He repeats: I am smokin’. The group repeats: I am smokin’.

Frit said she looked around the room and the teachers were dying trying to hold in their laughter. Shoulders were bouncing and tears were streaming. So. If your child came home from our Primary class having learned the Lord was “smokin’,” now you know why. :) We’ve been giggling about it for two days now.

And speaking of smoking … yesterday I thought it would be a good idea to burn all the info-sensitive documents we’ve gathered from our spring cleaning efforts. It seemed like it’d be a lot faster than shredding them all–it was a BIG pile. So I pulled the fire pit out of the shed and lit them. Things were going fine till I needed to add another batch of pages so I lifted the cover to toss them in. Stupid me forgot that the handle is metal and is often covered in flames depending on how high the fire is burning. Thus, it’s VERY hot. And I burned my thumb, index, and middle fingers. Badly. Like blisters-formed-within-seconds-can’t-see-my-fingerprints-felt-like-my-whole-hand-was-on-fire-for-6-hours badly. =Not good.

Do you KNOW how much you use those three fingers?

Executive decision: We’re shredding the rest of the papers.

Though I was useless for the rest of the day, we did get a lot more done on the house this weekend. Here’s a checklist if you’re cleaning with us (and a link to the KITCHEN Checklist if you missed it) …

SPRING CLEANING: LIVING ROOMS (We have a formal and a family so this checklist is combined)

1. Wash walls (don’t forget the baseboards and light switch plates) and window blinds.

2. Wash insides of windows.

3. Take down curtains and wash, dry, iron, and rehang.

4. Clean vents (use Q-tips if necessary … and it is).

5. Empty bookshelves and dust. Donate books you don’t need/read.

6. Replace books. Group by topic and alphabetize.

7. Dust any picture frames, plants, or other do-dads on shelves.

8. Dust TV, end tables, coffee tables, armoires, lamps, and lamp shades.

9. Go through DVD collection. Donate any you don’t watch. Alphabetize the rest. (We also decided to just chuck all our VHS’s.)

10. Wash, dry, fold any blankets and pillows.

11. Spot treat and vacuum upholstery.

12. Dust piano.

13. Go through music. Toss what you don’t use/need. Group by type. Alphabetize.

14. Dust banister.

15. Beat entryway rug.

16. Scrub entryway floor.

17. Move furniture. Vacuum.

We also finished the HALL CLOSET and TOY ROOM this weekend …

1. Go through coats. Donate what you don’t need/use.

2. Organize hats, scarves, gloves. (We got plastic drawers to put ours in. Tip: scarves are stored easiest when rolled.)

3. Toss old phone books.

4. Organize board games. (Check to make sure you have all the pieces for each game. Toss games with missing pieces.)

5. Go through decks of cards. Toss any decks with missing cards. (We organized by suit/ascending order. We also might have color-coded the Phase10 cards. We also might have problems.)

6. Sweep out closet floor and wash walls before replacing items.

7. Go through toy/dress up bins. Toss anything that’s broken or torn. Donate what you don’t need/use.

8. Group like items together. We also picked up new/matching plastic and fabric bins for the shelves.

Our toy bins are in the closet under the stairs (we call it the Harry Potter room). It had become a catch all of sorts so we also moved the food storage to the garage, organized the wrapping paper and stored it in a plastic bin and added battery powered wall lights so it’s not as dark for the children.

Twas a busy weekend! How’s your Spring cleaning coming?

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  1. I just read that to Ash and we started laughing so hard. We will always think of Smokin’ now whenever that scriptures is read. And sorry about your burn. That sucks.

  2. ummm, that is a big list. You can come to my house once you’re done :) Good luck with that hand. Bummer.

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