Just In Case

Does this look like the horizon of a blizzard?

I didn’t think so either, but within 15 minutes, this is what it looked like from the very same spot on my back patio.

We’ve been getting ready for this storm all day. When the weather service issued a warning for the entire state and we went into “emergency preparedness mode” ’round these parts. We’re freshly stocked on new batteries for the flashlights, matches and candles were located and numbered, and jugs of water filled. The rocking chairs from the front porch have been stowed. Trash cans secured. Errands run. Ingredients for Thanksgiving dinner purchased.

Our little house is all buttoned up tight.

We’re warm and cozy, freshly showered, under fresh from the dryer blankets.

Ready and watching as the wind howls and the snow piles.

As I ran here and there, making lists and battening the hatches, I couldn’t help but think about the people without a home on a night like tonight. And I know this is random and highly unlikely, but because it was on my mind, I left the lock on the shed open. For the stranger. The wander. The cold and lonely person who just might need a place to weather the storm.

I know that’s silly.

But, you know.

Just in case.

Stay warm and safe out there, ok?



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