It Was a MONSTER Mash!

Well the Monster Mash is in full swing downstairs, but I thought I’d take a quick break from the graveyard smash to share some photos of the monsters we made for the kids. I’ll upload all the details on the decorations, food, and games next week as well as “must-see” pictures of the kids gettin’ their groove on. (Zombie Jamborie ‘ll do it every time!)

So last week before the kids received their invitations in the mail, we had their moms ask them to draw the best monster of their imagination. They had no idea what it was for and we secretly gathered the pictures. I then raided the fabric store and made them come to life. Here are the results …

The kids LOVE them and can’t believe their monsters have “come to life”!

Can’t wait to share more fun with you tomorrow! Sleep tight. xo


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10 thoughts on “It Was a MONSTER Mash!

  1. I rarely have time to comment on blogs or write emails anymore but I HAD to comment on this! You are INCREDIBLE! This is the best idea I’ve heard for kids. Seriously!! Not only that – you did a fantastic job of recreating their pictures. I’m impressed. Way impressed. You should offer this service at your boutique. Think about it!

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