Introducing: So Sew! [a word-a-week challenge]

Hello October! This is going to be one crazy month. I won’t bore you with the details…actually on second though–yes I will! Cuz it’s all fun! So. We’ve got a nieces-n-nephews sleepover tonight (Monster Mash is the theme). General Conference on Saturday and Sunday. My next Good Things Utah appearance on Wednesday (10/6) where I’ll be demo-ing Halloween Treat Bags. Then I’m teaching a class on Friday (10/8) about How to Hostess a Party. On Saturday (10/9) I’ve got a big, crazy photo shoot down at BYU, plus Frit‘s grandma’s 80th birthday party that I helped plan and coordinate. THEN, my mom, sister, and brother-in-law come into town the following Wednesday (10/13)–staying with Frit and I, another Good Things Utah appearance on Thursday (10/14) where I’ll be demo-ing No-Sew Halloween Costumes, and finally, I’m hostessing a baby shower for my sister (with my other sister) who is due in February with our family’s first grandchild (a girl! …to be named Laela) on Saturday. Whew. At this point I get a “rest week” and then things get crazy again the last week.

On top of all that, I’m excited (really excited) to announce that I’m hostessing an online sewing challenge this month! I’ve wanted to do this for a while, but didn’t have the gumption to ask people to participate–until now. So here’s the deal …

I’ve invited three other amazing crafters to join me each week in October in creating something–anything! 1) out of fabric & 2) based on an inspiration word. Basically, each of us came up with a word (any word!–could’ve been a person, place, thing, adjective, verb, etc.) and every Monday morning one of our words will be pulled out of the hat as inspiration for the week. There are no rules about what should be made–it’s all up to our own individual interpretation (although fabric must be used). On Friday we’ll all post what we’ve made for you to see.

But lest you think this is all about us–We’ve created a Flickr group so if you’d like to participate, you too can upload photos of your inspiration-word-creations each week for others to see! Click Here to join the So Sew! Flickr group.

Now (drumroll please) … let me introduce the ladies joining the challenge! These three crafty bloggers are favorites in my Reader so I highly encourage you to check out their sites, sign up for their feeds, newsletters, Twitters, etc. They’re honestly so fantastic and I’m so (sew!) excited to “play” with them this month.

First up we have the talented Sandi of Portabello Pixie

Sandi is a fabulous fabric designer, pattern creator, and author, as well as a mother of two (a girl and a boy). She can be found on Twitter, at Sewing School, or in her newsletter (on her blog). And I can’t wait to make her shabby pumpkins this Thanksgiving!

Next we have the thrifty and chic Melissa of ISLY (I Still Love You).

Melissa is an amazing artist and designer, mom to darling Penelope (and one on the way), and comes up with the most fantastic clothing refashions. You can also find her on Twitter, Flickr, and Design House Digital. I am particularly fond of her calligraphy.

And finally, we have the lovely Cheryl of A Pretty Cool Life.

Cheryl is a crafter from Chicago, mom to two little guys, with all sorts of darling tutorials, project ideas, and lots of bright colors (which I love). One of my favorite “Cheryl projects” can be found here. She’s on Facebook, Twitter, Etsy, and has an email list (on her blog).

So (Sew!)–Do join the Flickr Group, won’t you? And tune in Monday for the first word. We are going to have some serious fun! See you next week! xo

p.s. Welcome to any new friends who found  me via Cheryl, Melissa, or Sandi! I’m thrilled to “meet” you and can’t wait to get to know you better.

p.p.s. I also wanted to let you know that I was recently featured on TodaysGiveaway.net where I’m offering a free photo shoot to the winner plus a discount of 20% off all photo shoots scheduled in October (photo shoot does not need to occur in October, just needs to be scheduled). So hop on over and enter to win if you so desire!

p.p.s. (Last one, I promise) I was recently quoted in the Wall Street Journal’s Smart Money section. Check it out here (page 3, tip #10). This was one of those “life achievements” that I was totally stoked to call my dad about. :)


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  1. I’ve seen something like this done with other crafting forms. Can’t wait to see what you guys come up with.

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