5 Things You May Not Know About Me

(Me, 1990, 5th grade. I designed and drew our classroom door decoration for “Story Week”. The outfit is my chorus uniform [see #3 below])

1. Sometimes I don’t answer my phone because I like my ringtones so much. [translation: I’m dancing and don’t pick up in time.]

2. I have the smelliest feet on the planet. No really. I do. Sometimes they even make me gag. Once upon a time I was a missionary serving on the rainy side of Washington state where it’s custom to take off your shoes when entering someone’s home. My prayer, every day for eighteen months, was: “Please Father. Please bless my feet not to smell too horribly today.” You think I’m kidding? I’m not. I’m as serious as my smelly feet.

3. I was Student Council President in 5th grade. My slogan was “Maurer Power is Student Power” which I puff-painted onto t-shirts for all my campaign workers. I still have mine. My competitor was Jody Reinsch. Her slogan was “Don’t Be Grody, Vote for Jody.” That was also the year I sang in a special school chorus called the “Travelers”. I also designed that t-shirt (sans the puff paint), and I also still have one of those in my possession too. And while we’re doling out 5th grade memories–I sang Gloria Estefan’s “1, 2, 3, 4 (Come on baby say you love me)” in the school talent show that year. I wore a a silky black one-piece jump-suit with a sparkly silver jacket that went to my knees. Oh and a side-ponytail. If you’re lucky, maybe someday I’ll post the video here. Highly unlikely. But you can dream.

4. I fiddle with my earrings/earlobe when I’m nervous.

5. I scare easily. It’s a trait Frit loves very much. At least once a day she hides and jumps out from random places around our house. Sometimes I slug her. One time I cried (it scared me SO bad I couldn’t even breathe). Usually I scream. And always she laughs. I’m really jumpy in movies too. I’ve even yelped in a theater because I was so startled by what happened on the screen.

Tell me: What’s one thing I don’t know about you?


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  1. I’m impressed by your 5th grade skills! Seriously! One thing you may not know about me… I can be completely content being quiet and reading a book all afternoon. :)

  2. Awesome pic! What songs are your ringtones?

    Something you may not know…I’ve been bungee jumping. Also, it’s almost impossible for me to stay awake if my head is supported any time after 8pm.

  3. I didn’t know #1, but it so does not surprise me. I can picture it perfectly. It’s why I choose to text you rather than call you.

    One thing you may not know about me…hmm…

    I’ve never been camping in my life. And unless I meet some really amazingly wonderful man who loves to camp and makes me wanna just ’cause I love him so much…I likely never will. The idea of pooping in the wilderness and being without my flat iron just does not appeal to me in the slightest, especially with four little kids in tow.

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