Moving Forward

This weekend I …

I deleted all the cute text messages that I’d saved over the last six months.

I deleted the pictures from him on my phone.

I tucked all his emails away into a folder out of sight. (What can I say? I’m a saver and our emailing days were some of my favorite. I can’t part with those.)

I had lunch in the park with Frit, where I was allowed to say any irrational thing I thought or felt without any judgment or advice being given back. It was sunny. We ate cherries.

I consumed an entire bag of BBQ potato chips while watching 500 Days of Summer, as well as a Krispy Kreme doughnut and an Arby’s Jamocha shake later that night. (Thank you Frit for knowing exactly which comfort foods I always need and for bringing them to me exactly when I need them.)

I washed the sheets and remade the bed in the spare room.

I showered and put some make-up on.

I made a list of all the things I really liked about him so that I can make sure to look for them in the next “someone.”

I made a list of all the things that were absent between us so that I can make sure they exist in the next “something.”

I made a list of all the things I learned from him and this experience.

I outlined a plan for some things I need to improve on.

I prayed for help in my pursuit of set ups. (Speaking of, if you have someone in mindemail me.)

I prayed for him, that he’ll be happy and successful.

I took some deep breaths. Because sometimes I forget to breathe.

I’m mustering the courage to take some risks in the near future.

I’m stepping out.

And I’m moving forward.

Here we go!

p.s. moving forward is a lot easier and way more fun if you’re wearing a pair of yellow peep-toe wedge heels with ruffles.

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  1. YAY YOU! (and I LOVE the shoes, btw.)
    You sound determined and resolute.

    (but don’t be surprised if you still have “a day” here or there. and let yourself have it.)


  2. I’m glad you added the ps, because honestly who wouldn’t want to step out in those darling shoes? As long as their toe nails are properly done. :) Just don’t look too closely at mine. My baby sat on my them when they were still a little tacky and I haven’t had the time to fix it yet! :)

  3. Love the shoes! Keep moving forward! Love you!

    I love that you still love jamocha shakes…reminds me of zone conference in Lacey.

  4. Oh, my . . . I get back from girls camp and its over, imagine MY emotions. :) Seriously, you keep on keeping on, you’re right on all counts. And awesome, too.

  5. Ok, just have to say LOVE the shoes. And someone is flying across the planet for you this month – which should make you smile. :) p.s. I hope he makes you laugh as much as he makes me laugh b/c it sounds like you need a lot of laughter right now!! ((((hugs))))))

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