First Date Hair: Please Cast Your Vote

Um…I’m getting jittery and excited. The countdown that began five months ago is now down to t-minus 24 hours.

And I know it’s just a first date. I know that there is the possibility it will result in nothing. And I realize that talking about it here is a little premature. Because even though it’s “something”, it’s still not “anything.” But that’s what we do here right? We talk about things. Everything. Even the “things” that aren’t “things.” (huh?)

Because the reality is that I haven’t been excited about dating in a long time. I haven’t been excited about anyone (in a dating sense) in a long time. And so, no matter what happens tomorrow, the fact that I’m excited (and nervous) is cause for celebration. The fact that I’m trying again is reason for a party.

And you’re all invited! To cast your vote for tomorrow’s 1st date hair. Here are the options:

a) Straight

b) Smooth Curly

(Please pay no mind to the horrible lighting. And please forgive me for that face. I don’t know what came over me.)

c) Messy Curly

Frit’s leaning curly.

I’m leaning straight.

But we’re not firm in those choices at all.

So, please weigh in. EVERYone! Thanks for your help!


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  1. my vote’s straight. i think curly might look like you spent too much time getting ready or you’re trying to hard. but that’s my vote. your hair’s gorgeous. can i have it please? thanks.

  2. C please. I like the messy curly.

    And you look great, by the way! Have fun on your date. Don’t weigh it down with expectations. Just go and have fun getting to know someone new. That’s my unsolicited advice, but it’s helped me a lot.

    Now go knock his socks off!

  3. you are hot no matter what… i sure miss talking to you about this sort of stuff at work! good luck and have fun!

  4. Straight. That’s how it would look normally, right? It looks simple but classic….and then the focus is on your beautiful face! My second choice would be Messy Curly, as that’s how us curly girls end up looking most of the time.

    Have you picked out socks yet?

  5. I would have to say it depends on what you are doing and what you are wearing. If you’re going out to dinner or somewhere nicer definitely do curly. If it’s a more casual atmosphere then do straight. Overall, I’m leaning towards messy curly. P.S. You’re gorgeous. GOOD LUCK!!!

  6. 1st date straight. I’m thinking you want to go for the no big deal, my hair is this gorgeous on its own, but I’m still dang sexy look. 2nd date, curly of some sort (I liked the messy curls) – and you’ll take him by surprise because guys are sometimes clueless as to the fact that we can have multiple ways to do our hair!

    Good luck Krista! Have a blast! You’re gorgeous!

  7. STRAIGHT for date one.

    Maybe with a flower…but definitely Straight.

    Did I mention I think you should go with straight?

    I. Can’t. Wait. To. Hear.

    He is one lucky feller.


  8. messy curly for sure

    p.s. i hate you and your stupid perfect hair :)

    p.p.s. just kidding, i don’t hate you, but i am jealous of your hair

  9. Is this fun, or what?! I like all 3–of course! I know, moms shouldn’t vote! lol You’re so pretty-inside and out…just relax and have fun! All is well!

  10. So I had my husband Dave vote and he says, “B – definitely B.” My vote was for A – straight but apparently the male vote wants a little more curl to it. Go figure. I also agree with your mom. Just smile and be your cute self – have a great time. (Dave and I want a full report though)!

  11. i like the messy curly look…so pretty! can’t wait to hear about the date!

  12. BTW, I haven’t forgotten about our little thing. I have the whole menu planned out, I just need to test out a few of the recipes and then we can set a date. I will keep you updated.

  13. Smooth Curly looks really nice…You are beautiful and I am so happy for you no matter what comes….. You are Awesome!!

  14. I love them all.. you are beautiful no matter how your hair is fixed! Have fun on your date, and be sure to let us know how it goes!!

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