Not Pregnant, But Nesting None-the-Less

I’m not pregnant. At least I wasn’t the last time I checked. Not that I’ve ever checked–never really had a need to. Hm. Let’s start this post over, shall we?

[Take 2]

I’ve never been pregnant, but I’ve had plenty of friends who have. (Much better way to start this entry, I’d say.) And many of them have shared pieces of their experience with me–the feelings, the instincts, the urges, the emotions, the needs, the cravings, the thoughts, the worries, etc. that come with growing a human life inside your belly, right below your heart.

One of those “pregnant woman” instincts I’ve always found interesting was the one that comes just a few weeks before the baby is due. The one where a woman, round a swollen, who avoids the floor at all costs, would get on all fours to scrub the kitchen tile. The one where she pulls all the clothes, already cleaned and pressed, out of the closet to wash them just one more time. The one where she dusts and vacuums and then dusts again–every day. The one where she re-cleans, re-organizes, and repositions the nursery.

“Nesting” is what they call it … Getting ready and preparing a perfect place for the impending arrival of a new life.

Well. Like I said. I’m not pregnant. But even still, I’ve been feeling a swell within my soul the last couple days–a need to nest, oddly enough. To get my life and my home ready for something. I don’t believe it’s something big or grand. And I don’t believe that it will just suddenly arrive one day on the doorstep of my life with bells and whistles and a parade in tow. Maybe it will. But I don’t think so.

But regardless of what it is that’s coming or how it comes, there’s a tangible need that I’m feeling. A need to weed out, declutter, reorganize, rededicate, reexamine, and refocus. For something. Something good. And in order to be in a place to receive this good thing, I need to let go of other things, old things, worn out things. So that there’s room for it. And so that I’m ready for it.

So this week, and maybe next, I will be nesting.



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  1. I just wanted you to know that your post made me laugh, when I was just about due with Alexander I decided that I ABSOLUTELY needed to organize our master bedroom closet. Ummm, yeah I had him two days later, go nesting! I hope that wonderful things are coming for you!

  2. I have a nesting instinct that kicks in every year around the middle of March, when the sun starts to shine a little more, flowers start peeking out of the ground, and the pollen hasn’t hit yet. I like to call mine spring cleaning… but it usually encompasses everything you’ve talked about. Last weekend I cleaned all the windows in my house, inside & out, followed by a thorough cleaning of the fireplace. Today I attacked my sister’s kitchen. :) Have fun nesting! You should do before and after pictures if it is some major reorganizing!

  3. I’ve been thinking of this post ever since I read it because it keeps seeming like my nesting attempts are being thwarted. :) I hope it’s going great, and that you show the results! (The writing here was fun, btw)

  4. Krista,
    I am exactly the same way! Have been all my life. When I was little I would rearrange my mothers living room furniture or my bedroom all the time!
    Usually every 3 months or so, I have this need even in adulthood to rearrange furniture from the living room to the master bedroom.
    Now its back porch, office, dinning room! You name it… Or organize a closet, or dresser. Clean a bathroom twice, even as so far as to iron sheets.

    My husband sometimes gets annoyed, right after a change, especially if he runs into a piece of furniture at night on his way to the bathroom in the dark…
    I keep recommending him to use a light. He still hasn’t learned.

    When the MIL comes over and sees something rearranged, first question “Are you pregnant?”
    It’s so annoying, one day I am going to say “Why do I look fat?!?”
    My husband and I haven’t even been married a year, she has already purchased baby clothes and misc items… Before we were even married!
    Yes she is crazy but that is a story for another blog.. well novel.. actually it could be a series.. even volumes like the encyclopedia!

    Anyways.. my firm belief is that we subconsciously need to have our lives simplified and we try to do this through small changes. And the changes have to be something we have control over so that if it doesn’t work out we can always return it to its previous form.

    So change whatever you want whenever you want.
    That is my opinion! And to h*ll with anyone you doesn’t like it. It is your home, your life enjoy it!

    Jamie C.

  5. LOL! My husband thinks that I’m “nesting” because over the past month I did a total 180 degrees on my cleaning and grocery shopping! Maybe it’s because it’s Spring and it’s a time for new life and so many of my friends are having babies. I’m not ready to have any of my own yet, but it really is crazy how the female body kicks into that gear! Great post : )

  6. Been nesting for a month now and couldn’t figure out why. Thought today I was plum crazy as I’m definitely NOT pregnant and my little ones are now big ones and almost gone. Perhaps a small dog soon to come perhaps in 5 years or so when the last of my baby birds flies away.

    At any rate, was wondering why I was nesting….so I Google it of course! And found this blog…Thanks!! Yes, I agree, throw out the old to make room for the new. Whether it’s an emotional cleanse or a material one, they all work the same. I don’t expect for it to arrive in a parade fashion either but definitely something GOOD!!!!

  7. I am the same way, 29 but no boyfriend in sight, and yet trying to prepare like Im having a baby in the next month. Been baking, cleaning, cooking new recipes, what the hell lol

  8. Its a fasinating behaviour. Im doing it loads the last year. Single and no desire to have kids. I have figured that its always a few days before my period. Body must still be trying to figure it all out even though im 26 .

  9. Thank God I’m not a freak. I’ve been feeling the need to clean my entire house – I’ve even scrubbed the walls -, to organize the kitchen and to redecorate everything only to make it cozier. Nesting? Yep. Pregnant? Not yet, sadly :(

  10. I’m a 34 year old woman with no children and no boyfriend in sight. I’ve been feeling the SAME thing for the past couple of months. I’m cleaning house in all aspects of my life and I’m not even sure why. I really feel like something is coming my way but don’t know what. I’ve recently moved and I’m on a mission to make my house a home…. something I’ve really done before. I have these dreams and even though I don’t remember them when I wake up, I still remain excited throughout the day. I searched on google to see if other women had felt this way and I ran into your blog. Thank you for sharing.

  11. So a little back story….

    I’m getting married in 9 weeks, I’m a hairdresser so this is the busiest time of the year for me, we just applied for The Amazing Race, and I’m considering opening my own salon… And among all of that, I come home from work at 9:30 pm and start making lists of things to clean. Here’s just a couple examples for you…

    -Organizing the closets in the guest bedrooms (the ones no one but me ever looks in)

    -Definitely don’t forget to get those cob webs in the laundry room (really kendra, the laundry room? you know, the tiny room no one ever spends any quality time in? the one you walk through only to get in your car?)

    -The light fixture above the front door has dust inside it (babe! can you maybe buy me a stepladder this week and clean that light fixture out? I can’t reach it, but it definitely needs to be done. asap.)

    -Oh yea – I’ve been wanting to turn that guest bedroom into an art/yoga room, can’t forget that! (better get online and surf the net for a pullout couch to replace the bed that’s in there. and what color do I want to curtains to be? maybe I could use that mirror under the bed to make sure my poses are correct…)


    …the list goes on and on.

    So around rolls midnight and I crawl into bed because I know my body is exhausted, I can feel it. But can I fall asleep? Nope. I start wondering “what is happening to me?”

    Then a memory of a girlfriend saying she is “nesting” pops into my mind, so I google nesting…

    Pregos? Definitely not.

    More googling… Then I find this blog and see that “Ah-hah! I am not alone!” Phew!! I know that I tend to lean a little towards the OCD side if things, but I was really starting to think I was losing it!

    So in finale – cute blog, fun comments. Thank you, I feel a little better

  12. For the past few months I’ve been reorgansing, decluttering and getting it all in order and so I thought I’d do a little googling seeing as I’m not pregnant but at that life stage and age when its probably not far off…. and found your very meaningful blog post – thanks for writing it!

  13. OMG I googled and found this as well. So glad I am not alone. Winter is coming and I am nesting and experiencing major insomnia. I’m not pregnant. My hubby is a slob and I think I have just hit a point in my life where OCD is kicking in. Everything must be clean by god. Clean clean an uncluttered.

  14. Hello Krista! I completely understand what you’re going through. Every year around the beginning of October, I find that I have extremely strong nesting urges. This feeling for me, lasts till about January. I don’t know where it stems from or why I go through it. Through the years I’ve learned to embrace it. I make my home orderly, comfy and all around warm and welcoming. Enjoy it and go with the flows of life.

  15. Kids are grown and I’m way too old to have more. :) However, I’ve been nesting like crazy. Could be an autumn thing; I really have no idea. As another person mentioned, I have a need to feed people (literally) to redecorate–make my place a real home and feel a strong sense that I’m preparing for something special. What the heck? I googled and came up with your blog. So, I have to ask, since you posted quite a while ago: Did anything new/special show up in your life?

  16. Hi Candy, I just stumbled upon this sight too, as I wondered if the nesting was a hormonal thing. I thought I was pregnant, but now the hope is pretty much gone (again) but I celebrated the fact I wouldn’t be walking on eggshells trying not to do any heavy lifting etc. I comforted myself ahead of time saying that if I turn out not to be pregnant then I will attack the cleaning//organizing full force. My hubby’s been doing it mostly by himself for the past three weeks, and pampering me, so now it’s payback time lol I hope the nesting thing lasts a good long while this time, and I do indeed have a feeling there is something wonderful on the horizon. God Bless, let me know if you want to exchange emails etc

  17. I’ll be 26 this year – baby fever has been kicking my butt. As far as nesting I’ve been lookin for a new place to call home & if the school district is perfect I look at another house… My boyfriend is just along for the ride .

  18. Ha ha I too have found this post by googling nesting. We made a decision in January/February that we would like to have a baby next year. However, last month we actually decided we may start trying sooner than previously thought and since then I’ve just had a major decluttering going on. Like never before. It is very liberating!

    Good luck ladies in sorucinv up the home! Out with the old and in with the new

  19. Hello Krista, I am not pregnant. I am 57 years old. This morning, I started nesting in my kitchen. I am planning a whole weekend of nesting… I have a feeling of fullness, peace, joy and love for what is to come… Thank you for sharing.

  20. You wrote this years ago, but today I’m nesting, not pregnant, deep cleaning and decluttering my home for that something wonderful that’s on it’s way. Words are often timeless.

  21. I am so grateful that I found this blog. It relieved me to know that I’m not a freak. I’m 27 & my boyfriend and I have been planning on trying for a baby. He’s been away for the past 6 months & he’s is now finally coming home. He was in a really bad place in life before he went away , & we lived together. His “bad” lifestyle effected me in so many negative ways as well . Since he’s been away I’ve found my purpose in life again & so has he. I’m anticipating his arrival because I’m so excited & ready to begin out journey in life together. We have lots of things to get situated before we actually begin trying for a baby but it’s been a huge topic in our relationship. We want a home not just a house. We have so many goals that I am eager to tackle after his arrival & tonight I found myself nesting . Arranging his drawers perfectly, scrubbing the house , cleaning things beyond actual necessity. I have so many things shoes , clothes boxes of appliances, things I basically don’t even use, and was always told to just get rid of because I never use any of it. But while rearranging his clothes so perfectly I began to want to go further & move on to my own things . My huge walk in clothes over stuffed with so many things I just let collect does . I ended up making a larger mess than what I had already made. I stop for a minute just to think , & think of what is actually making me decide to do all this , curious to know if it was normal to nest & not be pregnant , sadly . This has giving me so many reassuring answers. I realize I am nesting for him , getting rid of clutter etc . Out with all the old things because they are reminders of the not so happy times. In with all the new. Organizing things because life as a slob is totally depressing. I want him to walk through the door and not remember so many of the bad , but just happy to be home & ready to begin our life together. It all makes sense now.
    Thank you all for sharing the helpful stories and experiences !
    So – Amii

  22. It seems like several of us stumbled on this blog by googling the same thing. My kids are grown and gone. I was widowed in my 40s and I live alone in a pretty big 4 bedroom home. With the exception of my dog, I have been alone for quite sometime. I don’t have any reason to move or downsize, but suddenly I have started taking large bags of clothes and dishes and all sorts of miscellaneous items to goodwill. I am cleaning and sorting and reorganizing things. My garage has become my newest victim! I went out today and spent over $200 on packing supplies. I honestly feel like I am on the verge of something… Something big. Maybe I am preparing for a move or maybe somebody is moving in …. I just can’t figure it out. I’ve been in the same house for 25 years. It’s almost like my subconscious is pushing me to do these things. It’s out with the old and in with the new. I hope it’s my Prince Charming :) :) . I have also been seeing the numbers 11 11 everywhere. Hopefully it’s all a sign. Thx for the blog.

  23. O just came across this site. I’ve started my quarterly cleaning, pitching and rearranging of furniture. My 42 year old son who lives w me, along w his daughter and my nephew, says, “nesting, eh, Mom.” I’m 63 and guess I’ve ben nesting most my life.

  24. I’ve been nesting hard for the past couple of months, cleaning, washing, cooking up a storm, even took up knitting, a friend told me the other day I was nesting apparently she was right

  25. I think I’m nesting. I’m 26, and I’ve always been told “kids will ruin your life” so I grew up very school and work oriented. But all of a suddenly, I can’t stop thinking about starting a family. I’ve been cooking more, and overall driving my husband crazy.

    I took a pregnancy test yesterday and I’m not pregnant. But I feel a sort of emptiness from finding out I’m not pregnant. It’s kinda weird since I’ve never seriously thought about having kids till now. The bright side is my hormones are going crazy (probably because I feel the need to try and make a baby). The downside is that this emotional turmoil is draining!!!

  26. I’m so glad I found this post! Everything about nesting talks about being pregnant, and I am not, so I was wondering what the heck was going on. Now, it makes way more sense to me.

    Thank you for this wonderful post!

  27. I get an urge like that too, but I’ve never been pregnant, and it’s more like a female dog would; I feel this instinctual desire to make a nest of pillows and blankets and never leave

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