Tutorial: No-Knit Cable Bangle

Is it just me, or have you seen a lot of knitted bangles around blog-land? Even cJane has a lovely collection, and who doesn’t love cJane’s fashion sense? But what if you don’t knit? Well, if you have an old sweater, this tutorial is your answer.

Supplies: 1 old sweater (preferrably with a cable pattern) * scissors * sewing machine *fabric glue (optional)

1. Measure your wrist. Decide how wide you want your bangle and how loose you want it to hang (keep in mind that knit yarn stretches. Cut fabric based on these measurements. I cut mine 8″ x 4″.

2. Fold length-wise with right sides together. Sew along long edge. Turn right-side-out. You will end up with a tubular piece that looks like this:

3. Fold one end in on itself about 1/2″ to 1″. Insert other end into folded end. Should look like this:

4. Sew (or glue) shut.

5. Voila!

(Please forgive the changing pink color in each picture. I was quickly losing daylight. And uh … pay no mind to my alien arm in that last picture. Taking a self portrait of  your wrist is harder than it seems.)


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