Toss Your Hat in the Ring!

Hi friends. Remember when I launched this new blog a few weeks ago, announced a drawing to celebrate, and then promptly forgot about said drawing.

You do?

Hm. Me too.

SO sorry!

So here’s what we’re going to do about it … I’m extending the drawing through the weekend. I’ll announce the winner on Monday, Feb. 1. To enter, leave a comment below … just tell me the best thing about your 2010 so far. And you can also receive additional entries for:

1. Joining the mailing list (over there on the right)

2. Becoming a fan on Facebook

3. Post the contest on your Facebook page

4. Following the Twitter

5. Tweeting this contest (include @kristaqm in your tweet)

6. “Heart” Island Belle Boutique on Etsy

7. Let your own blog readers know about this drawing.

(Don’t forget to tell me about all the extra “actions” you took for additional entries in the comments below.)

Here are the 3 gifts I’ll be giving away.

a) Brown and turquoise paisley print handbag. Fully lined with magnetic snap closure. Uh … so cute!

b) Pink poppy headband. Thin wire band = comfortable fit. Sweet, romantic accessory. Just in time for Valentine’s Day.

c) “Be Still & Know” – a fine art print. 5 x 7 matted photograph. A soft reminder and beautiful piece of art. You can see a closer view of the photograph here.

So there you have it. Thanks again friends, for all your support and encouragement through all this. I really can’t explain how scary this whole transition has been. Some of you stuck with me. Some didn’t (sad). I still have a ways to go but I know I’m on the path to where I’m supposed to get to next. So let me know you’re out there and let me give you presents for being so great. :) A win-win I’d say.


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  1. I’m entering!! The best of 2010 so far? Paying off a credit card!! ;) And do we get to choose if we win? ‘Cause the purse is making my heart beat a little faster. he,he. I’m a sucker for paisley. Are you talking about the iTunes giftcard giveaway??? Is that the one you forgot? Or did I just not win? sob, sob, sniff, sniff. I’ll be ok. And, I don’t Tweet and I don’t know what Etsy is, but some of my friends are following your 100 pounds to paris blog so…that counts right? Have a great weekend!!

  2. Hi Krista! FUN giveaway! Plus I think everything you do is amazing, so I want to support ya. I’m already a fan on FB and follow you on Twitter. :) I don’t know the ins-and-outs of etsy, so I don’t know how to heart you. I probably have to create an account? But I DID post to my friends on FB about your giveaway! I wish you all the luck in the world.
    And hmm… the best thing about 2010 so far may sound silly, but I’m SO thrilled! I already have FIVE doula clients set up, and one is having TWINS!

  3. Hey! Fun giveaway! I am following your tweets now, and favorited you on esty, and joined the mailing list on your site, so maybe I’ll win something! I do love that headband dearly! My most favorite part of 2010 is kind of a surprise right now…but my most 2nd favorite part of 2010 was coming home from WA…its always nice to be home after 3 weeks in a different bed!

  4. I’m now a facebook fan and signed up on your mailing list. I’m not on Twitter and don’t know much about Etsy – sorry! I seriously love your 3 giveaway gifts. They are awesome! Best part of my 2010 so far? …having energy to function (AKA take care of the little ones) and I haven’t thrown up at all ALL YEAR! Wahoo!

  5. The best thing about this year so far is coming to the realization that I don’t have to do everything and can accept help from others. The past six months have been rough for me. I have struggled and have often felt alone. However, this year I have really tried to allow others to help me and it has made a world of difference. We are not sent here to show we are wonder women but we are here to lift and help one another. That is my greatest joy in life, so why should I deny others the same joy but not allowing them to help me? He has sent people into my life for a reason and I am thankful for that. I know the rest of the year will be just as great especially with a little help from my friends!

  6. You guys are so fantastic!

    First of all, thanks for entering the drawing and tweeting and facebooking and sharing the news about this drawing. i love ya.

    And second … i’m loving reading about your best things in 2010. already in one month we’ve had financial success (Tiffany), professional success (Nataliesue), a new relationship (Kaycie), physical success (Kassie), pregnancy success (Sara J), personal growth (Joy E), and surprises on the way (Katherine Neale and Pam). i think it’s so exciting!

    life really is good. and dreams really do come true.

  7. Krista,
    I just think you are the most adorable thing EVER!! (and if he wasn’t only 25, I’d set you up with my little brother cuz I just think you’re awesome and amazing in every possible way!). :) The favorite thing about 2010 so far? Rearranging my living room furniture. (i always love a fresh new look).

  8. Hi Krista!
    I decided to enter into this drawing too! I have signed up on the mailing list and have become a fan on Facebook :)
    Best part of 2010 so far? FINALLY getting a job! :)

  9. Hi Sis. Maurer! ;o)
    I am a fan of your amazing website/store on Facebook, I signed up for your mailing list, and I’m telling you the best part of my 2010 has been learning to play the guitar, and it will be the best when I graduate in April. Yeehaw! ;o) Thanks a ton, you are amazing.

  10. Best of 2010? Spending time with my family. Last year at this time I was very, very alone. Just getting to spend time with my hubby has been amazing.

  11. Normally I don’t enter these, but that bag is too stinkin’ cute! I’m a facebook fan and I joined your mailing list too. Your site is awesome and I’m excited for all the awesome stuff you’re doing!
    The best part of 2010 for me so far has been school, believe it or not! It’s so much easier this semester and I’m graduating in April- yay!

  12. Following you on Twitter as of now! 2010 has started out a little rough so I’d say the best part about my 2010 is knowing that it can only go up from here! Does that count? If not, I’ll throw in the Bachelor for good measure :) Haha, not really, but maybe. Like I said, it’s gotta go up. Love the site by the way. You are an artistic genius.

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