Remember that Time I Was on TV?

When I lost my job four (four?!) months ago, I was relieved, angry, hurt, excited, shocked, and relieved (did I already say that?). I was also a little nervous and a little bit “blank” about what to do next. But oddly enough, I was never scared. Not once. Not in the least.

In fact, when people would find out that I’d lost my job, their faces would fill with worry and concern, but I was always like, “Eh. It’s no biggie. It’s better this way. It’ll be fine.” And I really meant it. I am certain that this uncanny amount of calm has come from 1. an abundance of God’s Spirit and love, and 2. the reality/certainty that I wasn’t supposed to be there anymore. I was supposed to be doing something different and though it stung, everything happened the way it needed to happen.

So now I’m doing something different. It’s by no means perfect. I’m by no means perfect. There’s still so much to figure out. And I’m certain that I’ve not yet arrived at the destination of my life’s calling. But I’m following my talents and passions and promptings to wherever they lead. And I’m trying, everyday, to maintain pure motives so that I can also follow wherever God leads.

And because of that … I can see the blessings. I can see the doors opening and the path being made clear. Opportunities are falling into place. Goals are being accomplished.

Wow. That was a really long intro to what I was planning on writing about today, which is: my segment on Good Things Utah went GREAT! Thanks to everyone who watched. And thanks for the emails and comments filled with good vibes leading up to the show today. For those of you who missed it, here’s the piece:

And just so you know…it went so well that THEY ASKED ME BACK FOR ANOTHER SEGMENT IN FEBRUARY. So put Feb. 18 on your calendar when I’ll be sharing another great fabric craft.

Oh! AND I just crossed #70 off my list of 101 Things to do in 1001 Days.

Here are some still shots of the segment:

p.s. Granddad: Just click your mouse on the triangle that’s inside the circle in the video image above to play the segment. And make sure you show it to Grandma. She made me promise I’d tell you how to do watch the video.

4 thoughts on “Remember that Time I Was on TV?

  1. Thanks for posting!! You did AWESOME! I think you are made for TV! ha,ha. And, I don’t sew worth squat but I think I might try this! Seriously. :)

  2. hello, world.
    my name’s krista.
    and I was born for television.
    really…i was.

    (wow, missy! GOOD THINGS KRISTA!!

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