5 Things to Start a Great Day

1. Being awakened by sunlight and chirping birds before the alarm has a chance to go off
2. Shaving my legs and wearing a skirt [Spring, glorious Spring!]
3. A perfect playlist of music to listen to while I get ready for the day
4. A quick “good morning” phone call to my dad
5. My favorite crossing guard, back at his post [sigh].

All is right in the world.

It is a good day.

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  1. Skirt. Good idea. Gonna wear a skirt today.

    1. Being woken up by my children instead of my husband’s ANNOYING alarm.
    2. Orange juice.
    3. A clean kitchen.
    4. Opened windows.
    5. Exfoliating my face.

  2. Definitely not your first one. Waking up before your alarm? That would qualify for 5 things to start a bad day! Haha.

  3. 1. The sound of small children saying “Good Morning, Daddy” (don’t need an alarm anymore:-)
    2. Honey Bunches of Oats and REALLY cold milk.
    3. Hot shower
    4. Reading with Tata
    5. Driving the kiddo’s to school.

  4. 1. being kissed by my husband every morning…whether i’m awake or not.
    2.getting the kids off to school without a hitch.
    3. getting that good night sleep…hence the good day starting out right :)
    4.having a really good workout.
    5.a nice HOT shower

  5. 1.waking up after an uninterrupted night, well rested.
    2.getting up before anyone else, when the house is quiet.
    3.spending some time with my scriptures.
    4.eating breakfast in one sitting, uninterrupted.
    5.making my list and having a plan for the day before anyone else gets up.

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