5 Books Worth Reading

Five of my favorite books are:

The Water Is Wide
by Pat Conroy

Few writers move me more with their imagery than Mr. Conroy.

All Over But the Shoutin’
by Rick Bragg

Originally recommended by my dad and subsequently stolen from his shelves, I read this every day while running on a treadmill. Any book that can keep me running for hours at a time, all the while crying and laughing and feeling deep down to my toes, is one that will find me in its pages over and over again through the years. Superb.

The Secret Life of Bees
by Sue Monk Kidd

I LOVE this book. But it’s the interview with Ms. Kidd at the back that made me fall in love for life. Her use of language is bliss.

Bridge to Terabithia
by Katherine Paterson

Someday I will write about the first time I read this. I was in elementary school and stayed up all night with a flashlight. It was an experience I will never forget and one that I treasure. As it was the first time I recall feeling the power of “words” and “story”. It was there that this love affair began I believe.

The Scarlet Ibis
by James Hurst

This is actually a short story, not a book, that I read in 9th grade … but was memorable enough that it tops my list of poignant experiences with the written word. It’s tragic but beautifully written.

What tops your list of books worth reading? I’d love to know.
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  1. Hi. I am happy I caught this blog. I am also a Pat Conroy fan- that is how I found it. I get emails from google about blogs/or websites that mention him. Anyway, I wanted to say I really love the poem your site is named after. I will need to find more work by that poet.

  2. Oh, I love book recommendations! Thanks dearie. Can I add Pride and Prejudice, and a Tree Grows in Brooklyn? The Secret Life of Bees is also on my list, love it! I’m thinking you and I are kindred spirits.

  3. I love book recommendations…that’s why I joined a book club. I have two for you…of course the classic….’Gone with the Wind’ by margaret mitchell and ‘These is my words’ by nancy turner.

  4. I love books, and I love to talk about books! I am in heaven reading your post today!
    ‘All over but the shoutin’, one of my favorites! I just checked out ‘These is my words’ and look forward to starting her series. I’ve never read any Pat Conroy, I’ll put him on my list!

  5. I'm feeling pretty simple next to your list, but searching through my favorites, I think there are a few worth mentioning. Roots by Alex Haley; The Republic of Plato by Socrates.
    Then I think The Kingdom & the Crown Series as well as The Work & the Glory series by Gerald Lund have influenced me greatly and taught me so much. I can read them over and over.
    Thanks for your list! Will keep them in mind for bookclub choices.

  6. (Note to self: read more)

    My Grandfather’s Son (the autobiography of Clarence Thomas…yes, I’m a total nerd!)

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