12 Weeks

was our first night …
of triathlon training.
All i have to say …
is that this …
is gonna be ca-ra-zy.
we gotta get up …
E.A.R.L.Y …
to do our core training exercises …
so that when game day comes …
we look …
like …

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  1. triathalons terrify me. I’ve never done one, or even considered it. You are hardcore, girl. Does Katie Forrest have a blog?

  2. Good luck with that one. Are you doing a full triathlon? I’m super impressed. I started training for a sprint tri and never made it past the training. kicked my butt.

  3. Go, Krista, Go!! You can do it! You can do it!

    Dustin and I have always talked about doing a triathlon together. We’ll see if that ever happens. I’m also curious to know the distances for the race.

  4. You are a wonder woman! Good luck, but I know you and your determination skills, so I know you’ll kick some trash! Love ya

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