A List By Which to Judge

I was reading this blog today and saw a post about how this lady read a book wherein contained a list of questions the author uses to decide whether he can love a person. She made a list of her own and then made another list … a list of questions by which she could judge her readers. I thought the list was hilarious and I’ve taken it upon myself to answer her

1. Which is more embarrassing to you now: What you wore in Jr. High or the music you loved in Jr. High? Definitely what I wore.
Exhibit A

Exhibit B

(I’m the older sister with the pearl barrette, large round purple earrings, and dress made out of what looks like upholstery fabric)

2. Would you support a plan to serve only the healthiest and freshest food in gradeschool cafeterias? In order to accomplish this we have to close down every zoo in America–would you still do it?
Yes. I would.

3. If you were a contestant on Project Runway and if given the chance, would you form an alliance with Nina Garcia or Michael Kors?
What is Project Runway?

4. Would you rather be considered a lady nerd or a slutty housewife? You can’t say neither.

5. Which movie did you like better and why: Dan in Real Life or Juno. Please be specific.
Dan in Real Life. I walked out of Juno after the first 10 minutes.

6. You have been offered the lifetime services of a cook and a maid, or your calling and election can be made sure. Which would you choose?
Calling and election. Duh.

7. Which is cooler: New York cops or New York firefighters? Choose only one.
Firefighters. Definitely, the firefighters. Yummy.

8. You can choose to live in a small town where you are the most popular person. Everyone thinks you are the coolest and wants to be your friend. The schools for your children are mediocre at best and will never improve and the only restaurant is Sizzler. Or you can live in a large, busy, fictional city where you will never gain positive recognition of any kind for anything but you get to be best friends with your favorite actor/writer/celebrity and eat out at a very good restaurant every single night. The schools are mediocre at best but have the possibility of getting better. Which do you choose?
Small town. Always small town. Especially if it has a Sizzler! Bring on the Malibu Chicken!!!

9. Are you really close or perhaps even living your dream or is your dream completely unrealistic and unattainable?
I’m really close to living my dream and find every day an amazing opportunity to move that much closer to it.

10. Would you rather be a giant like Hagrid or a dwarf like Matt Roloff?
A giant. What does that say about me?

11. If you could somehow make it so the worst thing you ever did never happened but in order to do this you had to make it so the best thing you’ve ever done also never happened, would you?

12. Which TV show would you rather live in: Lost or X-Files?
The Bachelorette.

13. If you were put in a position where in order to save all your loved ones you had to eat one cup of Sarah Palin’s throw-up or one cup of Joe Biden’s dandruff, which would you eat?
Ew. Sorry guys. Everyone has to die. That is sick.

14. Would you make out with a sexy teenage vampire if there were no moral implications whatsoever except that your close friends could never take you seriously ever again?
Yes. Yes. And most definitely YES! And then I’d do it again. (and again.)

Tell me: What would your answers be?


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4 thoughts on “A List By Which to Judge

  1. Krista! Just got your comment on my blog. I did in fact change my email and thought I’d updated everyone… somehow your address is no longer in my contacts file! How do I get it to you w/out the whole world seeing?
    Yikes! Sorry for the mess.

  2. I laughed out loud at The Bachelorette answer. So funny. What a crazy bunch of questions! I also loved the 80′s pics! We were ALL such dorks!

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